We drove up to NE Lincoln today for one specific garage sale. It was a teacher selling books, puzzles, flashcards, toys, games, crafts, etc. Bella was excited. Since we were driving across town, I checked for other sales in that area in case this one was a bust. I’m glad I did because this one was worse than a bust. It was canceled because of the rain. (You would think that someone web-savvy enough to post a sale on craigslist would at least edit or delete the post if it was canceled!)

Instead, we hit two church sales and a closing daycare sale and had a lot of fun dashing in and out of the rain. I found some craft stuff and Bella found some books and toys, so we both came home happy. Here are some highlights:

stitching supplies

sewing book: $1, knitting needles: 50 cents, spool organizer: 10 cents,
plastic embroidery hoops: 5 for $1

denim and felt

felt: $2, two denim jumpers: $1 each

I didn’t take a picture of the 1 1/2 yards of blue and white felt I also got for that $2. Not sure what I’m going to do with the larger pieces. I’m going to cut up the smaller ones for Bella’s felt board. She needs some spring and summer shapes!

The denim jumpers are huge and look like they’ve never been worn. I originally bought them for tote bag fabric. Now I’m wondering if I should refashion them into something for myself. I love dark denim!


books: 25 cents each

Someday Bella will outgrow her love of ripping paper. Until then, I’ll keep buying books at garage sales. I have less angst over torn pages this way.

bella's finds

wooden stool: $1, lightening mcqueen: $1, penguin: free

Last, but not least, if you are going to drag your daughter around in the rain all morning, you should let her pick out a few things — especially if you talked up a really cool teacher sale that was canceled! I thought the blue car was Sally, but Bella corrected me. That girl has a good eye!

update: Check out all of the thrifty finds over at Southern Hospitality!

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4 Responses to random thrifty finds

  1. kelly says:

    Looks like some good loot! Do we need an etsy team garage sale outing? or maybe the etsy team needs to *hold* a garage sale! lol

    I went to a couple of thrift stores this morning. Scored 3.5yards of bright red corduroy for $3, a yard of gray wool felt for $1 and a Nautica quilt/bedspread for $15 — planning to make a couple of autumn coats, once I learn to do a Hong Kong seam.


  2. Nice finds, especially the little books and jumpers.

  3. Cancelled sale. Bummer. Luckily kids rebound quickly and she got some cute things anyway.

  4. What a lot of good school stuff you found out there. Good shopping day for you.