When I was in college, every Friday night the local folks cruised down Main St. They’d drive super slow, loop around when they came to the end, and then do it all over again. (The Internet is so awesome. I found this pic on flickr and it looks just like I remember it!)

main street newark de

photo via petdocvmd1 on flickr

Last Friday we went to cruise night at our local Sonic. Folks out here cruise a little differently. They park, polish the windshield, pop the hood and just sort of show their car. I expected that there would be some nice cars, but I wasn’t expecting a Ferrari!

Both Bella and Mason love their cars, and I was surprised that I couldn’t convince them to stop digging in the dirt for a photo op. So, I had to do the next best thing. I lured them over to a patch of dirt that had the Ferarri in my line of sight and snapped a long distance pic.

bella ferrari

. . . . .

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