I found this picture while scrolling through my camera this morning and it really sums up our weekend in Hastings at the track.

at the track

The kids had a blast. They really play well together. If you ask Bella if she had a nice weekend, she’ll tell you, “I had fun playing with Mason!”

The weather was chilly, windy and drizzly. We stayed in a condo on the track with Mason’s parents and another couple. Our days were spent sitting on the couch watching Daddy’s car go by. There was no cable or internet. The kids watched a lot of Curious George dvds and we did a lot of reading, chatting, snacking and knitting. (I’ve got Wanda hooked, but can’t convince Lori to cast on.)

It was a really nice chance to get away. Close and affordable. Relaxing for me, lots of fun for Bella. Oh, and T had a great time, too.


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