I must have been really tired when I wrote my last post because when I came home from my weekend away the coffee sleeve looked totally fine. Sometimes we just need a little distance from our work to give it some perspective.

felted wool coffee sleeve

I know April is all about showers, but I lately I have been obsessed with flowers, especially little crocheted ones. I’ve tried a few different patterns, but keep coming back to this one by Mimi. The stem is a simple chain stitch.

crochet flower applique

Would you like these little flowers for your cup of java?

How to enter: Mention this giveaway along with a link back here in a blog post, twitter update or facebook status and then leave a comment telling me you did so. If you don’t have any of the above (really? are you serious?), then leave a comment here and tell me what’s your favorite spring flower.

Since I didn’t get this post up until late on Monday, I’ll give everyone until Thursday, midnight CT to enter. Cool? Good luck and Happy Spring!

recycle: thrifted wool sweater sleeve, thrifted yarn

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15 Responses to coffee sleeve of the month giveaway:
spring flowers

  1. Teresa says:

    i tweeted about your adorable coffee cozy! i love it!



  2. Connie says:

    Hi Julie! I left a link to your blog on Ravelry, the Unravelers Group. I have a profile on Facebook, but somehow feel too “old” to go there. It took me a year to face a cell phone, now I have a TREO, so I’m making progress!
    Love the cozy!

  3. chris (mom) says:

    Look, I’m lucky I can do the “Comments” thing!

    I used to be on Facebook, but got off because everyone wanted to me my friend. People I didn’t even know. Not so good!

    But…I love the color combo on this coffee cozy. Just wanted to mention that I really like this one. My favorite Spring flower…I love all of them after a long dreary Winter, but I’d have to say it would be “Tulip.”

  4. Barbara Bannister says:

    Hello I put your link in my FB status, my fave spring flower was my mothers fave..Hydranga’s she painted them on everything, MY fave summmer flower is Hibiscus tho ;)

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the reminder tonight! Sorry, but I’m too tired to do more than this. However, my favorite spring flower is the peony. I remember my grandma giving me a gigantic bouquet of them for my senior graduation. I loved them and have had them at every house I’ve lived in (& will continue to do so until forever).

    Cute teacher gift idea. I may need to do that for spring party this week. Hmm, maybe if I win the kiddo will have a nice gift for his teacher. I’ll cross my fingers :)

  6. Hi, I love your blog! I´ve linked your giveaway in my blog´s sidebar. Hope you can send internationally, of course, if I win, LOL! Kisses from Brazil!

  7. amy in ne says:

    Serious as a heart attack!–I don’t have facebook, blog or twitter—maybe that betrays my age :P’ Anyway, your java sleeve is adorable! I really like the stem going around and blue is the best color in the world. My mug needs a face lift.

    My fav spring flower is the crocus. Winters are always long and bleak for me and when I see the first crocus’ peek their heads out in my flower bed I know spring is just around the corner. It is a boost to my spirits…like a good cup of coffee in the morning. ;)

  8. Shawn says:

    I did it. I actually remembered from last night to post to my blog about your giveaway. ;-)

    Happy Soggy Spring!

  9. Beth says:

    Hi Julie,

    What a dear, sweet little java sleeve! I coordinate Lark’s twitter feed, and I just happily tweeted about your giveaway. Thanks for providing a lovely craft and for citing the pattern designer–rock on, crafting community.

    ps: tulips are my favorite flower :)

  10. Tana says:

    Am I too late? It’s very, very pretty.

  11. Cioci Ingrid says:

    I like all the spring flowers but tulips are my favorite. I reallly want to win this. If I’m correct, it matches my messenger bag and bookmark. I might even be persuaded to change my flower to daisy.

    Uncle Roger has a whole box of shredded tax papers. He casually mentioned that he bet Julie could do something with them. Sorry, Julie tomorrow is paper recycling.

  12. Cathy Wright says:

    I know I’m late, but I love your coffee sleeve!

  13. Kerry says:

    I know this is late, but this is my first time visiting your site. I love your stuff!

    Dandelions are my favorite spring flower. If it’s not to late, please enter me to win!

  14. nicole says:

    wow this is a great coffee warmer I love daisies they are one of my favorite flowers
    I think it looks FAB xxx

  15. […] is off, I’m doing some fun small projects. Last Spring I became a little obsessed with crochet flowers and I’m at it again. They are so quick to whip up and are a great way to use up odd bits of […]