Yesterday I really wanted to sew, but I had so many things to do! I tried really hard to fit it in, but didn’t get a break until after Bella went to bed. By then I was really tired, but I wanted to work on this month’s coffee sleeve for a weekend giveaway.

I planned to use a blue sleeve that was already cut at the seams. I figured I could just resew the cuff, which worked fine. Then I went to trim my threads. Oops! Accidentally cut the sweater. Then I thought I could stitch up the hole, but I must have been really tired because it just wouldn’t close. Finally, I just gave up.

Some days are just not meant for sewing, I guess. Instead, I’ll share this great Whip Up article  by Betz White on applique techniques. Appliques are great for refashioning clothes. They cover holes and stains. (Hmmm… maybe that’s just what my coffee sleeve needs!) They also can transform toddler clothes for reuse. Cover that little boy decal with a  flower; hide the princess with a puppy.

In the meantime, I’ll get to work on the coffee sleeve giveaway for next week. Just gives you something to look forward to, right?

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