T used to come home for lunch most days. His office used to be around the corner. (Literally, around the corner!) In February, his office moved up north. It’s not far; just not close enough for him to come home for lunch any more.

I got used to having him around in the afternoons, even if it was only for 15 minutes to make a sandwich and head right back out. Bella liked it, too. We used to coordinate our day with when he’d be home. We’d be bummed if we missed him.

Now, we can do whatever, whenever. It’s kind of weird. This morning we went over Christy’s house. It was the first time I didn’t look at my watch. Eva and Bella just played until they were both too dirty to play any longer. Usually, I would have gone home afterward, but I brought a snack with us and decided to run some errands (after I did my best to dust her off).

It was a sunny, warm day and I kind of wanted just to stay out — maybe go somewhere to eat outside. Unfortunately, the little eyes in the back seat started to get droopy so we came home for lunch instead.

After two months, it was the first day I felt used to being on our own for the whole day. Kind of weird, huh?

. . . . .

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