It’s been almost a year since the lincoln blog turned into julie-bird and a lot has changed for me. I’ve become very interested in reusing and recycling textiles, almost to the point where I want to talk about it all the time.

I’ve reached a little blog dilemma: the more I blog about crafts the more I worry about boring everyone who comes here for family pics. Plus, more and more people are coming here for the craft stuff, and I don’t want to bore them with family pics. (Ok, I’m sure no one ever minds seeing pics of Bella, but you know what I mean!)

julie k

So, I’ve decided to start a new blog, julie-k, just for chatting away about making things out of recycled textiles. Mostly, I’m going to be logging my projects — success and failures — and highlighting my favorite tutorials, techniques and inspirations.

I’ve got some other ideas, too, but not enough time to get to them all right now. Like most things in my life, it’s a work in progress. I figured if I wait until it’s all I want it to be it will never get off the ground! So, all of the crafty peeps who follow julie-bird, I hope you’ll join me over at julie-k for more crafty fun! Here’s a direct link to julie-k’s rss.

Don’t worry, friends and family. I’m not making any changes to julie-bird. I hope to write more about our daily lives and the fun we’re having out here in the Heartland. Oh, and plugging my new blog, of course.


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