Last Saturday I tore through my stash. I weeded out fabric, notions, yarn, felt scraps, and project ideas that no longer inspired me. I also dug through my closet and got rid of any clothes that no longer fit or were too worn to save.

I feel like I am starting with a clean slate. I’m excited about what I have and know what I don’t need to buy on my thrift store excursions. I also know what I don’t have and can take advantage of super deals without wondering, “Do I really need this?”

I found some really great things on my last trip to Goodwill and have to share. First up, buttons! There were tons of these little grab bags and I had to dig around to find one that I really liked. All of these for $4. I love them! A lot of them are the perfect size for brightening up some of my existing shirts.


I’ve also been meaning to make some scrubbies, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $5 for a ball of nylon yarn just for scrubbies. I had been waiting for a 40% off coupon, but then I found these for $1 a ball. They had a ton and I exercised serious constraint buying only three.

crochet nylon

And finally, I’ve been wanting to make Bella a little tutu. I was thinking of something like Zoe’s, but she really likes Abby Cadabby and I was thinking about using some purples and blues, too. How awesome was this find?


I don’t know what I’ll do with the extra. There are four yards of each! For $2, though, I couldn’t pass them up. The colors are perfect!

Goodwill is having its 99 cent sale on Easter Sunday. It’s awfully tempting. I might sneak out for a little stroll by myself, even if it is a holiday.


5 Responses to fabulous finds

  1. Cioci Ingrid says:

    Congratulations on de-cluttering. Breathe!
    What a good shopper you are.

  2. Frances says:

    My mother used to use the left over fabric from my tutus (yes I did do ballet) and make me new curtains at easter. Every year I would get new curtains for my room. For my niece, she would add the fabric as a fringe to her socks. Very cute.

  3. Sarah M says:

    Wow! Those are awesome finds. My friend recently got into the tutu-making business and has done really neat things wtih them, like putting peacock feathers, etc. in them (depending on the colors). A great idea!
    Which goodwill did you go to? I can never find anything at the one by me (17th and South)

  4. Mary Kay says:

    I bought a pink tutu for my great niece Chloe at the Women’s Exchange for $15.00. It had lightweight plastic butterflies and little bows that you buy in packets hot glued on it and Chloe loved it. I see a tutu business in your future :) If you make the tutu longer and maybe double it leave the embellishments off it could be a skirt.

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