Today was an especially fun day at the children’s museum. It was quiet and empty. Bella and Leith were pretty content doing the same things at the same time, so Kelly and I got to spend some quality time chatting about important issues like fabric stashes and sewing patterns.

We did the usual stuff like playing with water…

bella children's museum

…and going on safari. (Kelly, thank you for taking this pic. I love it!)

bella children's museum

Bella and Leith went on patrol…

bella children's museum

…and Bella discovered face (and arm!) painting.

bella children's museum

It was a nice Friday afternoon. Of course, there was no napping during quiet time today, but Bella was great this evening while we stayed out past her bedtime to hang out with friends and eat Indian food. I think she was asleep before her head hit her pillow!


4 Responses to more fun at the lincoln children’s museum

  1. kely says:

    We had a great time! Leith wants to set up another play date. Soon! Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon and we can get them together at the playground, too.


  2. Sarah M says:

    looks like you guys had an awesome time! I haven’t been there since Anikka’s been born but Stefan has taken him a few Saturday mornings. I can’t wait to go back, too bad Lukka has been sick on and off for over a week now! It took me that long to figure out it was his teeth! Sheesh.

  3. jess says:

    look at that hair! she could be a pantene model, gorgeous!

  4. grandmommy and granddaddy says:

    Even WE loved the LCM! Had to remind ourselves that it was the CHILDRENS’ Museum. Fun things to do!
    : )