Last year my brother-in-law gave me two sweaters for felting and bag making. He said he hated to give them up. They were in great condition, but their style was too outdated — over-sized and ’80s. I felt bad taking them from him so I suggested altering them instead. It was a simple project; one that might make a knitter cringe and a sewer tremble. (I’m writing up a tutorial so everyone can see how easy it is to update those baggy Benetton sweaters in the back of their closets.)

When I was finished with the alterations, I was left with four long sweater scraps. They were scrappy-looking scraps, especially the Benetton ones, which had serged (!) seams. I decided to turn them into a scarf.

scrappy scarf

I wanted to do something a little unconventional. I sewed around the edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance to keep the yarn from unraveling. I’m hoping that with use, the edges will fray and give it even more of a scrappy style.

scrappy scarf

I hope Tanuj likes it. It’s a little offbeat, but if there is anyone in my family who would appreciate an offbeat scrappy scarf, it is him. Hopefully he’ll take a follow-up picture for me next season so I can see if the edges turn out as expected.


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  1. IsabelleT says:

    Aiee! This is a gorgeous scarf!