I wanted to get a picture of M watching tv all snuggled up in the Garfield blanket. She was so serious! I asked her to smile.

bella and garfield

Then I begged. Come on! Say cheese! Please?

bella and garfield

Thanks! How about once more and actually look at the camera?

bella and garfield



4 Responses to can i get a smile?

  1. Sarah M says:

    LOVE that hair!!!

  2. mom says:

    What was Bella watching? Must have been Curious George or Charlie Brown!

  3. Mary Kay says:

    Love the whole sequence, when does she start her modeling career?? She’s a beauty!

  4. Nicole says:

    Jules, you are so talented and your daughter is so precious! I can’t get over it.

    Very inspiring. Hmmm.

    Love ya,