We signed up for a music in motion class for the month of February. Last week was the first week, and it didn’t go so well. M was more curious about all of the teacher’s stuff on the table rather than listening to him. I did get her to try all of the instruments: tambourine, bells, shaker egg. She even danced a little bit. Mostly, she just wanted out, hanging on the doorknob whining, “I’m all done with music class! I want to get out of here!”

This week went MUCH better. She listened to the teacher and participated in all of the dancing, singing and playing. Most importantly, she didn’t try to escape! She even told anyone who would listen (dad, grandparents) that she had fun in music class. We’ve got two more weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

I have to mention that even though she likes music class, it’s not her favorite part of our trip to the Ager Center. After class, she and her friend Elsa head straight to the ball pit in the toddler area.

ball pit


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