We woke up on Thursday to a beautiful day: 60 degrees in February! I looked at the Lincoln Safari map to see if there were any posts close by and there was one right up at the library. We pretty much dropped everything and just went.

It was hard to convince M to follow the clues. We haven’t done this before and all she knew was that we were at the playground. Why leave the playground to follow some clue? So, we stayed at the playground until she was all played out, which was almost two hours. She ran around and I followed her with my knitting. (Hey, there’s only so much for an adult to do at the playground!)


After she was tired and ready to leave, I did manage to convince her to go do the rubbing. We hung out for a few minutes at the big rock before heading back home.



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  1. Cioci Ingrid says:

    OK, now I’ll ask who is this little girl?