Today was sunny and warm. There used to be a time in my life where 34 degrees was cold. Nebraska has changed that.

All M has been asking to do the past few days is to go outside and play snowballs. She got this from watching Charlie Brown Christmas almost every day for the past month. Remember the scene? All the kids are throwing snowballs trying to knock a tin can off the fence and then Linus uses his blanket to nail it. M thinks this is very cool.

We’ve had a good deal of melting and the snow is really wet. Perfect for making snowballs! We threw them into the snow, at each other and on the ground. We squished them with our feet. We used a cup to make snow bricks and snow castles. We picked tiny icicles off of the car. And most importantly, we made our first snowman. (Snowperson? Snowcreature?)


M insisted we make him a snowdog.

snow dog

He has an icicle for a tail and sadly has no ears. The snowman seemed happy to have the company, though. Especially since shortly after I was able to convince M to come inside for some hot cocoa. 34 degrees is warm, but not that warm!


3 Responses to my kind of snow day

  1. Lisa says:

    I miss snow!

  2. Ter says:

    we have had a little snow but like lisa, i miss “real” snow. (lisa – wish you had at least a little snow in florida, at least once!).

    we have missed 3 days of school for snow – 1 for a no snow “snow day” (only in frederick county, md, please don’t make me explain…), one this past tuesday for snow, and one this past wed. for ice (typical mid-atlantic, can’t make up it’s mind between snow and rain!). now i hear we are expecting a new storm that this mon-wed. that will will either be a monsoon or a blizzard…go figure?

    M, the snow creature is AWESOME!!! you have the most amazing mommy to capture these special moments for you! we LOVE your snow creature!

    miss and love you guys!


  3. mom and dad says:

    How cute! Bella looks so happy. We especially love the snowbunny in the brown coat with the big smile!