Yesterday we went to visit Santa. He hangs out in a little house at the outdoor mall. We didn’t say anything to M because if there was a line, we were going to try again another time. (We’re in the single digits out here in Nebraska!) There was no line, so we just whisked her inside. She didn’t even realize Santa was around the corner until it was her time to sit on his lap.

When she saw him, her eyes got so big! Her jaw might have even dropped a little. She didn’t have any problem sitting on his lap, but she was speechless. (If you spend any time with my daughter these days, you know just how amazing that is!) We told Santa that she wanted a drum for Christmas. He gave her a little goodie bag of stuff. We tried to get her to smile for their picture: Say cheese! Say Thomas! Say George! Say Elmo! Smile for the camera! All we got was this look of shock and awe.

bella and santa

She did manage to get up enough courage to ask about the big stuffed polar bear in the corner. One of the elves brought it over for her. “Soft!” That’s all she said the whole time we were there. Soft! Then T took her to the car while I paid for our photo. She hasn’t mentioned her visit with the big man in the red suit since, but she reminded me today that she gave the polar bear a high five.


One Response to getting serious with santa

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s like Elsa with Chuck E Cheese. She got a high five from him once, and mentions it still, at least once a week.