Quiet political time: As soon as the speeches were over Tuesday night, I turned off the tv. The last year and a half seems like it was so loud. Negative campaigns. Talking heads arguing. Cranky friends and family. I felt like I needed to tune in so I could absorb as much information as possible to make the best decision. But now, I need a clear head.

Quiet toddler time: The past few days have been loud and kind of wild. Lots of running, jumping, screeching and not listening. Tuesday was filled with tantrums that I haven’t seen in months. We’re going to lay low for awhile. Read books. Color. Watch Thomas, Clifford and George.

Quiet creative time: I’ve put too much on my plate and I’m struggling to get it all done. All of the pressure I am feeling is pressure I’ve put on myself. My to-do list is too ambitious. I have too many ideas I want to pursue. I need to prioritize what’s important. I also need to make time to re-energize my spirit.

Does anyone else out there need some quiet time? How do you plan on spending it?


2 Responses to quiet time

  1. Sarah M says:

    Looking at your ‘creative’ quiet time I can totally relate…BUT it makes me very happy that I can spread it out over the winter months that I won’t feel like doing anything else! That’s what winter is for–spreading things out and settling down for the evening by 5–when it’s dark!
    Good luck,

  2. Barbara McCall says:

    Quiet time…I am proposing a road trip to anywhere to break up the work of moving, unpacking, and organizing the new apartment. I need a get away.

    I do love your blog. Mirabella is beautiful.