Yesterday, while M was playing with her music bench, the batteries died. I was tired. I suggested that maybe Dad could fix it when he got home. No sooner were the words out of my mouth I thought, “Who am I? What am I teaching my daughter? Wait for someone else to change batteries?” I told her to carry the bench out into the living room and I would get a screwdriver. When I came back, she already had the bench upside down and was working on it! She had gone into her closet and pulled out her little wooden screwdriver puzzle piece. It was so cute!

bella screwdriver

I used the real screwdriver, pulled out the batteries, and she took them over to the trash. Then we put everything back together, turned on the bench and she continued on with her dancing. Oh, and we did a high five and she exclaimed, “We did it!”

Today, I sat at my desk looking at the wilted daylillies I had asked T to pull the last time he cut the grass. I was avoiding them because of my allergies, but couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. I took my little helper outside and she cut the front lawn while I trimmed the daylillies.

bella mows the lawn

I love how she loves to help out! She likes to fold laundry, sweep the floor and dust with the feather duster. Well, she hands me each piece of laundry out of the basket so I can fold it. And she walks around with her mini dustpan and brush, but doesn’t actually do a lot of sweeping. With the feather duster, though, she actually manages to really dust. She does all of this with such joy and enthusiasm! Sometimes her excitement actually rubs off on me, but I doubt you’ll ever hear me say, “Yay for laundry!”


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  1. grandmommy says:

    Bella, you are such a joy!