• Things my daughter said last week while we were watching Brady that made me laugh out loud:
  • When he was pulling on my glasses and whining because I wouldn’t let him chew on them, she said, “Use words, Brady!”

    We were trying to get him to pull the lever on the Elmo See and Say. When he finally got it, she said, “Good job, Brady!”

    Brady was trying really hard to climb up to a standing position to play with the music bench. We kept encouraging him and when he finally made it up, Bella said, “You did it! Yay!”

  • After watching the F1 race last weekend I’ve decided that Michael Schumacher must be relieved he retired before all these young whippersnappers could embarrass him.
  • Should I wear my Virginia Tech shirt next Saturday?
  • I love how Bella will dance to punk, rap, new wave and rock ‘n’ roll. The diversity is a nice change from the Sesame Street song.
  • I can’t wait for the Vice Presidential candidates to debate. (How did I not know until just this week that Biden is also an ass-kickin-chicken?)

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