Yesterday morning was so beautiful. The sun was shining. Dew was sparkling on the freshly mowed grass. There was a crisp chill in the air and a spring in our steps. We were going to see someone special at the bookstore.

Oh, who am I kidding? I was rushing around trying to get there on time. Bella didn’t know why we were going to the book store. She wanted to stay home and color. She dragged her feet, kept pulling out toys—even Cheerios couldn’t bribe her. Finally I reminded her that there was a Thomas train set at the book store. That did it!

When we got there, story time had already started. I tried to get her to sit still. She spied the wall of Sesame Street books and her eyes lit up at seeing all those Elmos! It was just as well. We needed a distraction to make it through the long line to meet that special someone.



I tried to get a photo of her posing, but all she wanted to do was hug him. In fact, she kept sneaking off to hug him again, while other children were waiting their turn. And then she was off to play with the Thomas train set.

We met Christy, Eva, Wendy, Whitney, Baby Simon, Tammy and Lily for the event. Afterward, Christy twisted all of our arms to go eat ice cream. Ice cream! Before lunch!

ice cream

I thought Curious George would have a bigger effect on her than he did. A few weeks ago we went up to the book store for a quickie visit to meet Clifford. That’s all she could talk about all day, and we had to watch every episode on her Clifford DVD that afternoon (thankfully we only have one DVD!).



Really, the highlight of both trips was the Thomas train set. Have you ever seen it? I think every Barnes and Noble has one in its children’s section. It’s amazing how kids flock to it.


I asked the event organizer if they have ever had Elmo visit. Not only did she say no, she said they hadn’t ever considered it. Amazing, huh? She said she’d look into it. If it happens, I’ll post that hug, too.


6 Responses to curious george, clifford + ice cream

  1. My hubby was there with my daughter and my niece! I was way under the weather yesterday so he stayed home to help with the kids and took them to B&N. I’m glad Christy convinced you to go for ice cream. :)

  2. Christy says:

    Ice cream before lunch? No way! Ice cream FOR lunch. That’s how we roll. ;)

  3. Lauren says:

    Too cute! I especially love the high-five picture with Clifford!

  4. Lisa says:

    Mmmmm – sweatshirts and long pants! It’s 92 with 90+% humidity here!

    I always found that I made a huge effort to get the kids somewhere to meet a favorite character, then they would refuse to go near him (her? it?). But Bella looks so thrilled to be hanging out with Curious George and Clifford That’s one happy little girl – great job, Mama!

  5. grandmommy and granddaddy says:

    Bella, looks like you had a wonderful time with Clifford and Curious George.
    It was great that Mama took you to visit with them. Can’t wait to come to see you and collect one of those big hugs!!


  6. Mary Kay says:

    This reminds me of a long ago time when I took Chris to see Brooks Robinson at Hutzlers in Eastpoint. Chris was between 4 and 5 at the time and, as you probably remember, he LOVED sports and especially Brooks. I didn’t tell him where we were going even though he kept asking, and to this day I’m so glad I didn’t. The end result was priceless. Brooks was at the bottom of the elevator and when Chris saw him he started to shake and he said, “Oh my God, it’s Brooks!” Couldn’t have been a better reaction if it had been God!
    Thanks for the wonderful story about Bella, and thanks for letting me share one of my most cherished memories and thanks for your sharing your talented writing. Love, MK