I feel silly posting about this little pumpkin. It looks almost the same as last week’s apple. But, I got all excited yesterday and posted my trick or treat bags and Halloween cards and totally forgot that today was I Made it Myself Day. (I have to support my fellow crafters!) So, here it is.


It will be up for sale on etsy later this week. I was thinking about writing up the pattern and posting it on the blog, but does the Internet really need another How to Crochet a Ball pattern? Aren’t they all the same?

In the meantime, I’m designing some new felted sweater bags for Fall. Hopefully, I’ll have something new to post next week!

Did you make something yourself? Post it here!


One Response to i made it myself: amigurumi pumpkin

  1. Lisa says:

    Love your pun-kin! I will be stealing the idea and making one myself. It’s too cute!