I have so many things about which I want to write. I’ve got birthday video and pictures to share.

I was so excited when the heat broke and the weather turned cool, but I forgot about Fall allergies. (They went away when I was pregnant and nursing.) Ragweed is seriously kicking my butt. I’m hoping for an early frost. Is tomorrow too soon?

In the meantime, I leave you with another photo of curly goodness. Can you believe that when we wash her hair it is past her shoulders?



2 Responses to more curls

  1. Teresa says:

    bella has the most gorgeous curls i have ever seen since matthew’s strawberry blonde ringlets that he had when he was bella’s age! she is soooo beautiful!!

    i am sorry about the ragweed, we are also seriously getting our collective butts kicked by the fall allergies in our home, too. totally not fair! let’s pray for an early frost. i can’t believe it but the trees are already changing color and the soybean fields are golden! that usually doesn’t happen until october so maybe an early frost is in our future!



  2. grandmommy says:

    Bella! Bella! Such beautiful curls! Looks like you inherited Mommy and Daddy’s curly hair. Thanks for the special photo.

    Hope the allergies are gone soon Julie. : (
    Looks like another beautiful day in Lincoln!