I just found out that anyone can vote for my vacation sock photo, so VOTE FOR ME! Please? Here’s how:

Send a blank e-mail to summerofsocks@gmail.com with the subject containing only the number 44. Leave the rest of the e-mail blank.

You can only vote once. Votes sent to any other address or not formated properly will not count. There are no exceptions. Voting closes on Aug. 25th at noon EDT.

Thank you!!!

eta: Voting is totally confidential. It’s ok if you don’t think my photo is the cutest, most adorable sock photo you’ve ever seen. Bella and I will never know if you don’t vote for us. Really. And she’s only just shy of two years old. It won’t scar for her life or anything. She’ll probably never even read this blog post. Sock contest? What sock contest, mom?


One Response to vote for my sock monday morning, please!

  1. I voted for you! Good luck!