You know what I’m talking about. The Inner Elmo. The la, la, la, la that runs through your head all day. You just want to make it stop. I can imagine that parents with a talking Elmo doll are probably on the brink of insanity. I think that’s maybe what happened to Christy.

We were at knitting one Saturday afternoon and I was talking about how much Bella LOVED Elmo. Christy said she had an Elmo to give me if I wanted one. It was in her closet. I told her thanks, but I don’t need an Elmo that continues to sing la, la, la, la after I turn Sesame Street off. She said no worries. This Elmo doesn’t work anymore. Oh. Well, in that case, cool! We’d love to have an Elmo!

When I brought him home a few weeks later and showed T he had two things to say: “Oh my god, Bella is going to LOVE that!” and “Oh my god, does it talk?” I told him that Elmo was broken and he said, “Cool!”

I showed him the doll and he commented on how heavy Elmo was. All that mechanical stuff inside made him kind of clunky. T suggested that I take it out. Huh? He reminded me that I can sew and that I could do anything I wanted with Elmo. Yes, knowing how to sew can sometimes be dangerous. It makes you fearless with regards to Opening. Up. Elmo.

5 Easy Steps for Silencing your Inner Elmo

  1. With a seam ripper, carefully open up the fabric around the battery box.
  2. The battery box is part of a bigger box, which is held in place by a heavy duty plastic tie. Cut the tie.
  3. The box is also connected to the mouth and hand by small wires. Cut the wires as close to the hand and mouth as possible.
  4. At this point, you might want to throw Elmo in the washer on the gentle cycle. I didn’t put him in the dryer, but rather let him air dry. (I’m not sure why I was so cavalier about ripping him apart and throwing him in the washer, but timid about putting him in the dryer.)
  5. When dry, stuff him with some FiberFil and sew him up!

I did all of this in the evening after Bella was in bed. I was afraid she’d get upset if she saw me cutting Elmo’s insides out. A few days after he was finished, Bella was freaking out about getting dressed because OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME TAKE OFF MY ELMO PAJAMAS. I was in a hurry get out of the house, so I made a deal with her: take off the Elmo PJs and I’ll let you play with a real Elmo.

They have been best friends ever since.

bella and elmo

Thank you, Christy!


7 Responses to five easy steps to silencing your inner elmo

  1. LOL! Oh – I love it. Thanks for the laugh and the recon!

  2. Ter says:

    hi wooly!

    we LOVE elmo in this house! in fact, there is something by Elmo that is VERY special that wesley and mattmatt both adored when they are little and it is coming bella’s way. so be sure to check the mail closely in the new few days!

    big hugs to bella and hugs to you and t, too!



  3. Lauren says:

    Is Bella giving Elmo “the finger”??

    (Look– he’s got the middle finger of the hand puzzle)


  4. Christy says:

    I’m so glad she loves it and that you were able to make him “new” and “improved”!

  5. Liz says:

    Is this what’s in store for Cora? She’s got an Elmo rattle that she LOVES. Those stupid googly eyes get her every time. I would go nuts listening to La, La, La all day long, too!

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m a little scared. Elsa doesn’t say many words, but “Elmo” is one of them. She doesn’t even SEE elmo that much. Just a little seseme street. We have no other Elmo things. At least I didn’t think so. I almost fell over when she said “Elmo” and pointed to her diaper. Ack! He’s all over her Pampers. She was actually upset when I put a generic target diaper on her yesterday.
    Do we feed this addiction? I let my mom buy her two Elmo books… am I dooming us to Elmo?

  7. elmo's still alive says:

    LOL….found this 2 years later on google and it still “rings true” for us! my 20 mos old LUVS her “M-elmo”….I think the M is short for “my” elmo and she just repeats its so much he’s now named “melmo”…..we have 2 at home (one silent and one talks about kisses) and apparently 2 or 3 at daddys house also, so you can imagine how much luv there is for Elmo!