I just wrote my first item for helium.com. You can find out more about this little green guy by reading my article here.

little green bug


4 Responses to summertime on our deck

  1. dad says:

    This is terrific. Keep writing.

    Ti amo.

  2. Cioci Ingrid says:

    Lovely thoughts.

  3. mom says:

    Life’s smallest pleasures are the biggest.

  4. Sue Neverve says:

    Hey there Gorgeous Creative neighbor!!
    I sat here reading about Elmo…and the comments that T had to say…sounded EXACTLY like him!!
    Then, as I read on, all I could do was laugh…you are too imiginative Julie!!! I love seeing your creations and then reading about “the real life of Bella, Julie and T!”
    Yes, motherhood indeed puts us in an entire different state of mind!!