The first 4th of July in Lincoln was very weird for us. Fireworks are illegal in Maryland. That’s not to say that people don’t set them off, but it’s rare. If they do, it’s usually the kind that flash some light and make loud booms. Nothing pretty or fancy. In Lincoln, fireworks are legal on July 3rd and 4th. Everyone lights them. Well, everyone but us. We’re just not that big on blowing things up. Maybe because we didn’t grow up doing it.

Anyway, I remember T running in the house our first July 3rd in Lincoln. He had just been up to the convenience store. “There are fireworks EVERYWHERE! You have to come look.” We got in the car and drove around. We were amazed. Everywhere you looked on the horizon there were fireworks. The big, pretty kind. The kind we had only seen at professional fireworks displays back in Maryland. July 4th was even more amazing. We actually went to a professional display. Afterward, sitting in traffic waiting to get out of the parking lot, we watched them all around the horizon and couldn’t believe it.

The following year, we decided to stay home and have people over for a cookout. Our neighborhood was pretty new back then and a lot of houses hadn’t been built. We had a really great view of the fireworks being set off in the neighborhoods across 27th Street. They started before sundown and went until almost midnight. Dudes, that is A LOT of fireworks. The money these people must have spent! It was pretty much the same the following year. I was pregnant and sat on our couch in the air conditioning and watched them through the window.

Things are different now. Our neighborhood is growing. More houses have been built. We can still see the neighborhoods across 27th Street, but only the high ones. But, with more houses comes more people and boy do they how know how to blow stuff up! I took some video, but it was hard to truly capture the excitement. I wish I would have thought to spin around so you could see the 360 degree view. It also would have been cool if I had a wide angle lens because I kept chasing them with my camera and only getting the little remaining flickers in the sky. Oh, well. If you really want to experience them, I guess you’ll just have to come out and visit us in July!


4 Responses to july 4th in lincoln is hard to explain

  1. Sarah M says:

    Our neighborhood was insane this year. For a solid 2 hours (9-11pm) every window in our house lit up every few seconds, followed by a loud thundering boom–it sounded like we were in a war zone!

  2. Sarah M says:

    Hey Julie, I forgot to leave you this before:

    Stefan reads The Chief’s Corner (Police Chief Tom Cassidy’s blog) and he said that all fireworks that go “pop or bang” (i.e. all except sparklers) are illegal…however they can only ticket so many people in one-two nights. They said they’d be harsher this year with it, too. Hopefully none of your neighbors got a ticket!

  3. Lisa says:

    Fireworks in FL are illegal unless you are using them to protect your fish hatcheries from birds – I’m not making that up! It totally explains the hundreds of fireworks stands that appear around the 1st of June (and Christmas, too)…we have at least a week of fireworks surrounding every major holiday! Very strange for a MD girl whose experience has always been that you must actually leave your backyard to see things explode!

    We went to a real show this year on the beach, and had a view of hundreds of pro and non-pro shows all up and down the coastline! Pretty amazing!

  4. mom says:

    Things have changed in Maryland a bit. You can buy sparklers in the grocery stores and 7-11. We now have firework stands that go up about a week before the holiday. One is in the shopping center up the street. We have lots of loud pops and bangs on the 3rd and 4th in the neighborhood, but don’t get the neat kind of display that you do, because we have TREES and hills!!

    By the way it’s “Buy one get two free at the moment.”
    Don’t know what happened to the legal part of it.
    I do love to watch them though!