We’ve been really busy lately, which is probably why I haven’t posted much. I blame it on the weather. Severe storms aside, we’ve really had a nice spring and early summer. Lincoln is really good about outdoor activities this time of year. We went to Jazz in June twice; once with my parents and once with friends. Music events are fun for Bella. We try to take some kind of picnic and after she’s done eating, she pretty much spends the rest of the evening dancing.

We’ve also been doing the Friday night concerts up at Southpointe Pavilions. It started with just the three of us and last night we had a crowd of 10-15 adults and kids. It was hard to keep track because the kids are all over the place! And there have been some car club events that we’ve attended. One was a wine tasting in Nebraska City. The other was a picnic at Mahoney State Park.

Needless to say, I’ve got a ton of pictures and some fun videos to share. Problem is that we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to post them on the blog. I still have some from a few weeks ago on the camera! Right now all I have time for is this little post. I need to take a nap because tonight is girls night out at the movies! Woo hoo!


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