I downloaded over 200 photos from my Dad’s camera before he left Nebraska. They were pre-sorted, which means I need to go through and delete all the not-so-perfect ones. But really, he’s such an awesome photographer that it’s hard to delete any of them.

Here’s proof. It’s rare that M spends any time on my lap these days. Even for story time, she needs to sit in her chair and I have to sit next to her. Dad, thank you for capturing this moment!

bella and mom


4 Responses to how does he do it?

  1. Sarah M says:

    What a great picture!

  2. Lisa says:

    You two are beautiful!

  3. mom says:

    Dad has become quite good with the camera, but having you girls as subject matter sure makes his job easy!! We love you.

  4. Durga says:

    Both of you look beautiful. Where was this picture taken?