Our knitting guild is making squares and putting them together as a blanket for folks at the People City Mission. Our first blanket it being crocheted together by the very generous Jennifer. We hope to have enough squares by the end of the year to make a second blanket. My personal goal is one square a month. I made that goal and have six squares in this blanket. I’m going to work hard to do the same for the second one.

I know there are tons of knitting for charity sites around, but if you can spare a square (or a few), our guild would love to have them! All they need to be is 8 x 8 inches square and knit out of washable and dryable yarn (i.e., acrylic). Leave a comment if you are interested in helping out!



3 Responses to can you spare a square?

  1. Sarah M says:

    Hey–of course I could “spare a square” (haha, we love seinfeld in this house!). I have “de-stashed” my stash recently though, and the squares I knit are not even close to 8X8–however, when I get some more acrylic I will knit some up–it’s time I “paid my dues” for all the help you’ve given me!

  2. Cioci Ingrid says:

    This blanket to be reminds me of Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors.
    I’m sure, when it’s completed, it will be appreciated.

  3. frances says:

    I would love to help. Can I send the squares to you?