It’s that time of year. Severe weather means we always have Channel 8 on in the kitchen. Last night during the news, I asked M if she saw Miss Lauren.

M: Yay Nauren! claps her hands

commercial break

M: Bye Bye, Nauren!

M: Nauren go?

Me: It’s just a a commercial break. She’ll be back.

M: Nauren sleep? Nauren nap?

Me: No, Miss Lauren isn’t sleeping. She’ll be back after the commercial.

M: Zzzzzzzzzz!

That pretty much was our conversation during the six o’clock news last night. Luckily, the storm never became an issue. I did get a cool pic of the clouds rolling in, though.



2 Responses to watching the news at our house

  1. Lauren says:

    I totally have to come up with a way to work some Bella-code into a newscast. Or do you think anyone would notice if I just stopped in the middle of a story and said “Hi Bella!”?

  2. Sarah M says:

    Hey we missed you last Wed. at Barnes and Noble!