Mother Nature has to do something to get midwesterners not to dread Spring. She blows in biting winds, subzero temperatures and freezing snow to make us long for warm breezes, blooming flowers and green grass. It’s a little trick she plays on us. We get all caught up in the buds on the trees, the singing birds and the smell of lilac and then Bam! The sirens sound. The weather radio alarm goes off. There’s a big, red blob right over your head on radar and you’re told to take cover.

Last night I was at Barnes and Noble for knitting group when they told us if we wanted to stay, we had to go to the back room. We all looked at each other and said, “See you Saturday!” I’ve never seen a mall clear out so quickly. Cars were pouring out of every exit with a kind of nervous energy. I got home and all of the men were out talking on the front lawn looking up at the sky. All the women were shouting, “We’re supposed to be in the basement!” I begged T to come inside and he tells me it’s not really that bad as he’s taking video of clouds ROTATING.

We’ve been warned that there will be more bad storms tonight. I’m not sure how to prepare. You can’t just move your whole life to the basement in an afternoon. M and I spent a little bit of time outside before nap time. My neighbor showed me the tree behind her house. I knew it lost a limb, but I didn’t realize that it’s almost split in two. I don’t think it will make it through the next round of storms. I wonder where it will end up.



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