Normally, I’m not a big bread eater, but lately I’ve become enamored with all kinds of bread-y goodness. Jimmy John’s has the best sub bread ever. I think you can even just buy the bread from them. We haven’t done it yet and hopefully, after my 5-minute-a-day bread, I won’t be tempted (see below).

We’ve also been munching on homemade parathas. Not ours, but Durga’s. She makes the best parathas in the world. While she was here, she whipped up a bunch of pea, potato and cauliflower ones. Our freezer is stocked! Must ration them wisely.

Today I made more of Jessica Seinfeld’s banana bread, but with my own twist. I always double the batch and mess around with the purees. This time I used a can of pumpkin and two bananas. I guess it’s really pumpkin banana bread. Gotta get Super Foods into my family however I can! I baked these in mini tins for easy freezing and they are so cute!

The last bread is the one I’m most excited about: the 5-minute-a-day basic artisan bread recipe. I first read about this book on Amy’s site and put it on my Amazon wish list. A few weeks ago it arrived on my doorstep! (Thanks, Mom!) It was hard not to read the whole thing from cover to cover right away. Then, life got in the way and T went away for the weekend and wait, wasn’t this supposed to be easy? Today I mixed up the dough and the book is right: total work today was about five minutes. Well, ten if you count coloring breaks with Bella. My dough is in the refrigerator and I think I’m going to try my first loaf tonight. Wish me luck!


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