Bella and I were on our own Friday and Saturday. The weather wasn’t that great for walking or spending time on the deck. I knew I couldn’t survive without some help. I sent an invite out to my friends: Wanna come over for wine and Jimmy John’s Saturday night? I’m not sure what’s weirder: a host who promises takeout subs for dinner or guests who are over the moon about it. (We all have some serious Jimmy John’s issues.)

We had tons of fun, lots of wine and gobs of Barb’s avocado crack guacamole. Brady was an angel, and Bella had tons of fun. It only took two tries before I convinced her she really needed to go to bed (two hours after her bedtime!).

Thanks everyone for hanging out and keeping us company. It really meant a lot to me!


3 Responses to coolest friends ever!

  1. mom says:

    Sounds like fun! Great friends!
    Loved the Jimmy John’s link, but found the closest one to me is Old Dobbin Road in Columbia : (
    Didn’t we go to a J J when we visited you in Lincoln a while ago?


  2. Lauren says:

    Thank YOU! It was fun… and I feel so liberated knowing Brady will go to sleep in someone else’s house!

  3. Barb says:

    Pssssstttt…..I can hook you up with some premium guacamole. C’mon, just try it. You can quit anytime you want…..

    Thanks for Saturday–it was good times!