I don’t have many plants. My thumb is a little on the black side, and any plant I have been able to keep alive has been killed by the cat or a move. The exception: my Target plant. I have no idea what kind it is, but a quick google search leads me to believe it may be a pothos. I do know that it is virtually indestructible. I bought it to keep me company at work back in 1995 or 1996. It’s been through a bunch of offices and a lot of moves. When we finally settled in this house, I put it up on top of the book case and kind of forgot about it. Every once and awhile its leaves would look pale and droopy, and I’d give it a little water, but that was about it.

When my parents came out to visit after M was born, my mom when on a major dusting spree. She wanted to do something for the poor neglected plant. I told her to leave it as it was. It was happy. And it was alive. Don’t mess with a good thing. Well, when we had our new furniture delivered, we moved our bookcases downstairs and I had to deal with it. Good grief! Now I know why my mom was so concerned. It was practically all stem! I clipped off about five leafless branches that were each about two to three feet long. I accidentally got a little too happy with the clipping and cut off a leafy branch. Whoops!

Here it is looking very happy in it’s new home.


Here is the clipping happily hanging out on my kitchen window sill. It’s starting to grow roots!


(Yes, I still have the favor from one of my high school dances.)


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