My friend Joanne asked me to make a custom bag for her, but she left all of the color choices up to me. Her only request was that I used colors that said “Spring” or at least did not say “it will be cold and dark forever.”


Details over at etsy.

This wool felted up so soft! I wish I knew more about what kind it was, but the label just said 100% wool. I have some left over that I’m thinking about making into a scarf. It would be so soft around the neck!


3 Responses to another custom bag, sort of.

  1. Mary Kay says:

    It’s lovely Julie, is it possible that any of these could be used as a bag for a laptop. I have a fairly new laptop but nothing to carry it in. You should also consider these as diaper bags. I know they’d be a little more labor intensive but you could charge more and they’d be so cute.

  2. Teresa says:

    i completely agree with mary kay. there is a real dearth of bags for that stage when one does not need the huge hulking bag but a sort of medium size bag that one can take when a toddler in diapers is going to spend a few hours at a friend’s house, the library, shopping with mommy, etc. just big enough for a couple of diapers, a few snacks, and a change of clothing. i remember having a real hard time finding a bag that was not too small or too big when i reached that time in my boys’ lives. your bags could really fill that niche beautifully!



  3. Amy says:

    Hmm.. I might have to go digging through my closets for some old sweaters that I felted on accident and let you make them into a bag for me. Sure, I could sew it myself, but yours look so lovely!