I really liked caucusing. (Still don’t know if it is ok to use that as a verb.) I wish everyone could caucus. It kind of seems like something our forefathers would do: gather on a restaurant balcony to discuss politics while below people carried on with their eating and drinking. Ok, it was a bit more organized than that.

My precinct was The Lodge. There were two precincts caucusing there. After checking in, we split according to precincts into two spaces: one in a room and us on the balcony over the bar. We elected a chairperson and a secretary, then the Clinton folks moved to one side of the room and the Obama folks moved to the other side. Undecideds were in the middle. Then the two sides took turns speaking for two minutes at a time trying to convince the undecideds and/or folks from the other side to change their mind. In the end, all of the undecideds wound up making a decision. It only took 20 minutes and the discussion only got a little heated.

Those who were present were split 25 to 13 for Obama, but some people had signed in, written in their candidate and left, so I don’t know what the final count was. Our precinct has two delegates and we sent one for each candidate. There was a young girl in our group who volunteered to be our delegate and was really excited to be a part of the process. I think she knew more about our candidate than the rest of our group combined. It’s nice to see young folks so passionate about the democratic process.

Most of all it was really cool to see Nebraska up on the news. People actually cared about our results! I wonder if anyone will be left on the ticket in May when T goes to vote in the Republican primary. (May! Can you believe he has to wait that long?!)


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