It’s a little bit like Christmas around here with all of the packages I received in the mail yesterday. I’ve had really good luck with Swaptree—I’m up to 34 trades! My goal was to use all of the books, music and movies we didn’t want anymore to get digital versions of what we had on cassette and vhs. Recently added to our collection:

  • Songs of Faith and Devotion – Shut up! I still love these guys even though they are apparently not cool anymore.
  • Time Capsule – No music collection is complete without Rock Lobster!
  • Wonderland – This was an impulse “Get it Now” choice.
  • I also got a copy of The Namesake, which is my book-to-read in February.

    Today I also redeemed an iTunes card I’ve had sitting around for almost two years. I was worried it might no longer work, but it did. (Yes, I had an iTunes card sitting around for that long. Note: this is NOT a good gift idea for me.) I bought Cruel and Gentle Things. (Charlie Sexton. Swoon!)


    2 Responses to new music + book!

    1. Lauren says:

      Dude. I LOVE the B-52’s. I don’t care what anyone says!

    2. Teresa says:

      B-52s are fantastic! I agree!

      Julie, you will love “The Namesake”…it is a wonderful book! I was sad when it ended because I wanted it to go on and on!