This list of blogs in my rss feed is quite long and sometimes I get behind reading them all. One that I read almost daily is One Crafty Mumma. She has a Bella, too! I think I found her during Handmade for the Holidays over at Sew, Mama, Sew! last year. (Hey, Christy! Do those tree ornaments look familiar?) I also love her birthday invitations that were featured on Craftzine. There is so much crafty goodness to explore on her blog!


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  1. Sarah m says:

    Julie, I was going to ask about your cards and then read your blog. Do you just stitch the material (or button, in your case) into the paper by hand or is there a certain needle you need fo rthis? These would be realllly cute baby shower cards.

    PS Thanks for the GF recipe, for some reason our bread from the BMaker always turns out so gross, but I’ve never used sorghum flour, so we’ll try that this weekend!