Just a few more words that are in such heavy rotation that they are worth noting.

  • When Bella drops something on the floor from her high chair or throws her sippy cup on the floor, she says, “No! Bad!” We say “No!” a lot, but I have no idea where she got “Bad!” I must have said it once and it has stuck.
  • It started simple enough in the bath. Don’t touch the faucet, it’s Hot! Then she noticed that we let her food cool down when it’s too hot to eat. Now everything we give her gets a Hot! Even banana. We must work on Cool!

    2 Responses to word. part 2

    1. Lauren says:

      And now it’s time to work on word combinations. You’ve already got all the ingredients for a really spectacular “Hot dawwg”. :)

    2. This is great begining, she is ahead of you guys.