I never really look at my blog stats. Today, Christy * has posted her 1,oooth blog entry and it got me thinking. How many blog posts have I written? Just how many years have I been blogging anyway? After searching my wordpress dashboard and manually counting my hand-coded blog entries, here’s what I found out:

  • I’ve been blogging for over four years. This will be my 376th post. Dude! I totally feel like I’ve written a lot more and have been doing this for a lot longer.
  • The wordpress version of this blog has received 449 comments. lincolnblog readers like to talk back!
  • When the Yarn Harlot linked to my blog in March, my blog stats went off the grid. Seriously, the graph in my stat software maxed out. August and December were the other months of high readership. That’s probably because I posted lots of pics of Bella. She always draws a crowd.
  • The keyword that gets most people here from search engines is “beefless”. Maybe that’s from all of my non-dairy/vegan posts? There’s a joke in here somewhere; I just haven’t figured it out yet.
  • Sort of off-topic, while checking my stats I noticed that Tana linked to me in her Christmas ornament post. Check out the cool pics of my ornaments! They look so much cuter on her blog.

    *Did I ever mention that I redesigned Christy’s blog? I really love how it turned out. It was inspired by one of her favorite websites, Anthropologie, and I used images from her own cards. Also, she paid me in beautiful sock yarn. How cool is that?!


    2 Responses to blog stats

    1. Joanne says:

      How do you look at your blog stats?

    2. Mary Kay says:

      What a wonderful legacy for your daughter in the future. Keep blogging!!