T’s company made the front page of the newspaper the other day. It’s too bad the article didn’t name drop them. Name dropping is nice.

Osborn also changed the style of the letter sent to the last known address of the property owner, switching from a plain jane letter that looked like junk mail to a personalized card that includes a claim form.

The response rate has risen from about 4.5 percent to about 12 percent.

nobrainer is printing the personalized cards with claim forms. That’s a huge increase in response rate! Full article here.


2 Responses to nobrainer in the news

  1. mom says:

    Now that’s a Christmas story! Congrats to “nobrainer.”
    Maybe”nobrainer” could write a letter to the editor telling the how pleased they were to see the result of sending their card. You know spinning it a bit, but getting their name in there!

  2. Cioci says:

    How wonderful to make the front page! I’m very proud and wish nobrainer continued success.