I’d like to write a really long post about the cool evolution we’ve been going through over here with words, but I’m tired and need a nap. Here are a few notes so I don’t forget them:

mah = mom
dah = dad
dah = duck
nah = nose
dawg = dog
cah = cat
fah = fan
bah = box

The word she says that sounds closest to the real thing is dog, although it has a serious southern twang to it. I have no idea where she got that. It’s also her current favorite. She points to her stuffed dog, points out dogs on her blocks and runs to the window when people walking their dogs pass by.

She’s also getting really good with sign language. Her favorites are car, milk, more, all done, dog, shoe, cow, bear and cat.


One Response to word.

  1. Joanne says:

    My first grandson, Sammy, learned to sign “please” and “more” at his pre-school when he was about 20 months old. He may have learned more but then we started taking care of him. Anyway. When his younger brother was born we also took care of him and the only sign language we were able to teach him was the sign for more. He talks now, but he will still sign “more” as he says it. I had a book on sign language, but I think I started before Austin was ready and then gave up too soon. I always thought it would be a great thing for a toddler because they often get quite frustrated when their adults don’t get what they are trying to express.