It was a weird day, but in a good way. This morning Lauren and I went to WP for coffee and knitting. Bella stayed home with her Grampa. We got to sit in the big comfy chairs by the window because we didn’t need a highchair. It was fun and relaxing, but kind of weird. I actually got some knitting done and I didn’t have to share my breakfast with anyone.

Then Lauren and I went to lunch. No one at the table ordered milk. No one ate with a bib. It was a nice afternoon. We just sat and talked.

When I got home, it was time for Bella’s nap. I put her down and then drove up to the airport to pick up Mr. Kundhi’s suitcase. (Long story. United Airlines was a BIG pain, but he finally has all of his luggage.)

When I got home again, Bella was still napping. As soon as she woke up, it was time for us to go to T’s company holiday dinner. It was a really fun time. We played games other than “Where’s your nose?” and “Where are your ears?” I didn’t read anyone a book.

When I got home for the last time today, it was time for Bella to go to bed. We gave each other big squeezer hugs with lots of kisses and then she went to sleep.

It’s weird, but I miss her. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when she wakes up.


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