Thank you Teresa, Scott, Wes and Matt! Yummy! T had one for breakfast this morning. I’m waiting until lunchtime to dip into the jar.


O’Hare lived up to it’s reputation yesterday. T’s dad got caught in the delay/cancellation black hole. Luckily we found him a flight to Omaha. It was a really long day for him, but he was rewarded this morning with a big Bella hug.

I’m off to do what all moms do when grandparents come to town: get things done! I have a big list. First up is finishing all of the not-made-in-China gifts.


One Response to breakfast of champions

  1. Teresa says:

    We are so glad you got the peppers and that you can eat meat and dairy once more! We remembered how much u guys loved these peppers so we were thrilled we could get them for you once more! :-) Bella’s baby girl tummy is obviously a little too delicate for such a spicy treat, so her gift is coming separately, hopefully she will get it in the next few days!

    Enjoy the snow! All we got was rain…bwaa!