We’ve been doing a lot of bread and muffins around here. Bella likes to eat bread and I like to hide nutritious stuff in the loaves. It makes me smile when she’s chowing down on a slice bread and ignoring all of her other vegetables because I know it’s filled with zucchini, carrots and yogurt. Yesterday I made mini pumpkin muffins, which I thought she would adore because she loves pumpkin pie, but she’s totally not interested in them. The zucchini bread, however, is a different story. So far we’ve been through three loaves and she still devours it.

I’ve been making the Zucchini Cheddar Quick Bread recipe from The All Purpose Joy of Cooking with some modifications (of course!). No cheese, extra zucchini, two grated carrots, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, olive oil instead of butter and substituting wheat flour for 1/3 of the white flour. I also used dried dill, onion and garlic powder. T was bummed I didn’t make the more traditional zucchini bread recipe. You know the one that’s really sweet and uses 2 1/2 cups of sugar? I’d never get Bella down for a nap after a slice of that!


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