It’s getting colder and colder in Nebraska. We’ve had frost a few mornings, but nothing cold enough to shut down the sprinkler system. Wednesday it looks like it will be below freezing; just in time for the trick or treaters. I’m glad Bella doesn’t understand going door to door in the cold for miniature candy bars yet.

So, I’ve got one more story from summer to post to the blog before it gets really cold. I can’t remember which month this actually happened, but Bella was walking, so it had to be after we got home from England. We had just finished eating dinner and it had started to rain. It was one of those weird rains where the sun was shining and the wind was still. There was no lightening or thunder. It was incredibly warm. Bella and I went on the front porch to check out the rain drops.

Then, on a whim, I decided to take her into the rain. It was coming down pretty steady, and we were drenched fairly quickly, but it was warm and fun. Bella ran around in the grass and kept pulling at her wet, clingy clothes, so I stripped her down to her diaper. The neighborhood kids came over with an umbrella for her, but she didn’t want anything to do with it. She wanted to be in the rain.

At first, T thought we were crazy. Then he came outside in a t-shirt and his bathing suit. I came inside to get dry and watched the two of them run around on the lawn. In hindsight, I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures. I was just so high from the moment, I guess I’d never forget it.

Now it’s getting cold and pretty soon those warm raindrops will become cold snow. I can’t wait for Bella to experience running around trying to catch flakes on her tongue. When it gets really chilly, I’ll have to remember the summer rain. Maybe it will help keep my toes warm.


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  1. sarah says:

    Hey Julie– cute story! I am also glad to see (well…read) that Mirabella is drinking whole milk! woohoo! Have you begun to eat cheese or drink milk again?
    PS– as for the girl clothes–if you were just planning on giving them away to Salv. Army or something…we’ll take them for round two! (nothing yet, but hopefully someday we’ll have a girl!)