I know. It’s been awhile. Two weeks to be exact! My parents’ visit was fun and I don’t really know where the time went. We got a lot done in two weeks. I can’t even remember it all. Here are the highlights:

  • Used our gift cards to Baby Gap and got a really cute bunting for Bella and some tights to wear with her winter jumpers.
  • Used our gift card to Borders Bookstore in Omaha to buy some books for Bella.
  • Used our Melting Pot gift card to celebrate T’s birthday.
  • Put an end to T’s endless question: “Should I get an iPhone?”
  • Sewed and lined my first recycled, felted sweater purse.
  • Sewed my first piece of clothing for Bella: a sleep sack.
  • Went through all of Bella’s 0-12 month clothes. Packed up all of the non-pink stuff for Lauren. (I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of the pink stuff.)
  • Washed (thanks Mom!) and sorted all of Bella’s winter clothes.
  • Turned the half-way point on my parents’ afghan.
  • Knit a House Hat for my Dad’s birthday present in Oriole’s colors.
  • Settled a Very Stressful Legal Thing that has been hanging over our heads for the last three years.
  • Celebrated an early Thanksgiving.
  • Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that my daughter is drinking WHOLE MILK. Can you believe it? I really pushed the limits while my parents were here because I figured I’d have help if she got fussy from a dairy stomach ache. She only broke out once and that was the day after we went to the Melting Pot. I guess the cheese fondue was a little too much! But I’ve been adding a little bit of dairy every day and she’s been doing really well with 5-10 ounces of whole milk a day. I think we are turning the corner on her dairy intolerance. Woo hoo!


    3 Responses to are you still there?

    1. Cioci says:

      It’s great to have you back.
      What a wonderful two weeks you all had.
      Congratulations, Bella.

    2. Lauren says:

      Having any kind of a negative reaction to cheese fondue from The Melting Pot is sacreligious. It was surely a fluke. :)

      And thank you again so much for all the baby clothes! I am IN LOVE with the little red track suit.

    3. Teresa says:

      The answer to “should i get an iPhone” by T: YES!

      Bella drinking whole milk? WAHOO!!!!

      WE missed you guys on the blog! Glad you are back! Can’t wait to hear more!!! :-)

      Loads of love,