This week I managed to pull myself out of my miserable and unproductive rut. My control journal is updated and Bella and I have started our new routines. I hadn’t updated my routines since before she was born. Yes, a lot has changed since then! We’re doing better about getting things done and spending time having fun.

My allergies are also getting better. Mostly that’s because I haven’t spent a lot of time outside. I have been taking Claritin, but what I’d really like to help with the fogginess is some Sudafed. Can’t do that while nursing, though. Well, I can, but I risk decreasing my milk supply. Bella still has some dairy issues and I’d really like to work through that before we think about weaning her to non-mama milk. Rice milk just doesn’t have the fat she needs to keep up with her energy levels.

I’m still doing a lot of knitting in the evenings to help me from scratching my itchy eyes and nose to death. I’ve finished a pair of socks that kept getting neglected (I started them before Bella was born!) and I’m already making good progress on my next pair. I’m using size 2 needles instead of size zeros. That definitely makes a difference! I’m also almost half finished my parents’ afghan. Only four more balls until I can start the second half of the pattern. Here’s a quick shot of my socks.



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