I never thought I would ever say this: I was glad to spend a week in Maryland to escape all the ragweed in Nebraska. Crazy, huh? I thought I had bad Fall allergies when I lived in MD. Ha! Halfway home from the airport I was miserable. Some days are better than others. Friday I walked to Wilderness Perk. The crazy heat is gone and I just wanted to be outside. That was a really bad idea. I think I’ll be staying indoors until the first frost. It really bums me out because I love this time of year.

There’s a problem with staying indoors, though. I am really sensitive to smells and we’ve got a lot of them going on right now: drywall dust, joint compound, new carpet, paint… you get the idea. We spent the weekend looking for carpet and every time we went into a showroom I almost about died. I’m not sure what is worse: the non-stop sneezing or that weird feeling you get in your nose before the sneezing. (You know that burning feeling like you just accidentally snorted pool water?)

This is where I get to the unproductive part. I did pretty much nothing around the house this weekend. Friday was the worst, but I spent Saturday and Sunday walking around in a fog. Laundry is piling up. I need to dust and vacuum again. I really need to continue with the baby-proofing. The only thing I did was knit. It was good to keep my hands busy so I wouldn’t claw off my nose or scratch my eyes out.

So, I’m starting over as of today. The only thing that will help me until ragweed season is over is my control journal. Last time I updated it was right before Bella was born. I’m going to dust it off, (ha, ha!) and start tackling things in baby steps again. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t spend the entire month of September walking around my house in a fog and not getting anything done.

Just so this post isn’t completely depressing, I’ll leave you with this vision: Bella is dancing around the living room (to the CD from her Great Aunt and Uncle) wearing one of T’s dress socks around her neck like a boa. It really is the cutest thing ever.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m so sorry you’re so miserable! It probably doesn’t make you feel any better, but at least you’re not alone. Everywhere I go people are complaining about how bad their allergies are this year. But at least there’s a silver lining– next year, you’ll be able to take all the antihistamines your heart desires!