One thing that has changed for us since Bella is our Saturday morning routine. We’ve always had lazy Saturday mornings. I think part of it stemmed from working really hard, long hours during the week. Saturday was the first chance we had to just do nothing. (You’d think Friday nights would be better for that, but we’re usually still too wound up.) We’d lay in bed and listen to NPR, get up and make coffee, catch up on email and have either a late breakfast or early lunch. We were never the kind of people who were first in line at the Farmers’ Market or who got that really good deal at a garage sale. If we made it out at all, we were usually left sorting through what was left.*

Now that Bella is up and walking, there’s no time to lounge around in bed. She’ll only hang out with us for so long before she needs to get things done. She’s got books to page through, cups to stack, blocks to sort, carpets to mow and a cat to harass. So we usually get up and get out of the house. I don’t think we’ll ever be the first to a garage sale, but I did get some really nice fabric yesterday for a good price. We also made it to the Farmers’ Market before our favorite vendor ran out of tomatoes.

We’re trying to keep Sunday mornings lazy, though. We eat breakfast together, read the paper and watch the Formula One race (when there is one). Bella’s still pretty much a busy bee, though. Right now she’s mowing the deck. Pretty soon we’ll join her and start getting stuff done. I’m just trying to savor these last few comfortable minutes.

*Why do people always tell you what you missed by coming late? “All the big onions are gone now.” “We had some really cute dresses this morning.” What’s the point? Are they afraid that you are judging them on their small onions? Worried that you might think they didn’t dress their child in really cute stuff? Maybe they’re just jealous because they wish they had a lazy morning, too.


One Response to the early bird gets the tomato

  1. mom says:

    You already have the best “tomato” in the whole crop!