It’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow to catch our flight home. I need to write down some details of today because we had an awesome day and I don’t want to forget any of it. We slept in, (again!) and missed breakfast (again!), but the three of us hung out in bed together goofing off until almost 11 am and it was wonderful. M was in a fabulous mood, as she has been for most of the trip.

We got ready and went to an early lunch at a little Italian bistro by the hotel. After that we decided to take Yvonne’s advice and walk around town for the day using the route she suggested. First off was St. James Park. M had her first experience with pigeons, ducks and geese. She loved them all! She and T walked around together (yes, walked!) and visited all of the birds.

bella and dad

bella and duck

bella and dad

After that, we walked over to Buckingham Palace. I was hoping to get a picture of M with the guards, but they all seem to have off today. Oh, well. We circled the palace just to make sure and saw hundreds of people “queueing” up to attend a garden party with the queen. I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the crazy hats. Some of them weren’t even hats, but just a bunch of feathers glued to a comb. One lady had feathers in her hair that were easily three times the size of her head.

Since we couldn’t find any guards, we headed down through the park, past Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben and crossed the Thames on Westminster Bridge. There was another park where we stopped to feed Bella—not everyone gets to eat her green beans among the roses! We continued along the waterfront and stopped watched some breakdancers. The guys were trying to get everyone in the crowd to clap to the beat. In true Bella form, she waited until we were walking away and then clapped all the way down to Waterloo Bridge.


We did a lot of walking today. I’m afraid I’m losing weight. There is no way I am eating enough to make up for all of the calories I am burning. After a pit stop at the hotel and a quick iChat with my parents, we set off to dinner. We went to another Indian restaurant. We have had so much amazing Indian food on this trip. Every meal seems better than the one before.


Today was a whirlwind day. Writing it all down doesn’t seem to do it justice. The day to us was simply magical. M had a wonderful time. She’s been such a good traveler and has thoroughly enjoyed herself. We’ve had an amazing time, too. Double decker buses don’t seem half as exciting until you watch your child stare up at one in amazement, turn around to you and smile the biggest toothy grin there is.

We’re all packed and ready to head home. It’s back to Lincoln for us. The rest of the pictures are posted in the gallery.


3 Responses to postcards from england: july 10th

  1. Yvonne says:

    So glad you all enjoyed my suggestion for seeing “my London”! I know it’s an expensive city but there is also so much that can be fun and free. Last week I sat in Trafalgar Square to watch the shows put on to celebrate India’s Independence.

    I’m also kicking myself for not taking photos of our shopping trip!

  2. jano says:

    Hey julianna, from a long-time recreational hat-wearer and etiquette person, a bunch of feathers glued to a comb is called a “fascinator” and is a perfectly acceptable variation on a hat for a garden party or the races.

    No wonder I can’t concentrate on work – my brain is full of stupid stuff like that.

    Thanks for linking to your blog – I’m loving the pics and video of Mirabella!

  3. Mary Pat says:

    What fun to see Mirabella wearing her sweater in London.

    Gosh my knitting is certainly more well travelled than I will will ever be :-)